The Deitemeyer Brothers Story

The Deitemeyer Brothers, Shawn and Neal grew up in Montpelier, OH. The brothers grew up with a focus on sports, hard work, and making a better life for themselves. With grandparents who were both business owners, the desire to work with their hands and the entrepreneurial spirit was innate to both Shawn and Neal The development of Deitemeyer Brothers as a company, however, was strengthened by two different, but ultimately converging paths .

Neal pursued vocational education, developing his ever present mechanical know how. After graduating high school, Neal found employment as an electrician with local company. His experiences in the industrial and residential electrical field provided Neal with wealth of experiences that developed his problem solving and general construction knowledge. With his growing family of five, Neal gained employment with the Village of Montpelier, as a lineman and member of their electrical division. All the while, Neal worked side jobs and completed a stint as a high power lineman. In 2013, Neal began full time contracting, as he owned and operated Mighty Deity Construction, offering general construction services.

Shawn pursued a formal education, earning his bachelor and master’s degrees in education. While in college, Shawn was employed as a summer roofer. Shawn entered into a teaching career, however, continued roofing during spring, summer, and fall, gaining invaluable experiences with regard to roofing. Shawn and his family landed in Van Wert, for the purpose of being close to family. Shawn continued his teaching profession and served as an administrator for Van Wert City Schools, developing Shawn’s skills of coordinating and service based systems and protocols.

In 2009, Shawn started Roofing Innovations. In 2016, after continuing to grow and work together, Neal and Shawn decided to officially join forces and establish Deitemeyer Brothers. As such, Shawn oversees the roofing operations and Neal oversees the general construction operations. Together they work to leverage their skills and experiences to gain the trust of customers through hard work and service.

Presently, the Deitemeyer Brothers team continues to grow and establish themselves as a reputable roofing and construction company serving Van Wert and the surrounding area. Deitemeyer Brothers are different from others because they have built their business on a lifetime service to others. Through the years, Deitemeyer Brothers have grown processes, skills,desires, and capacities to serve their employees, families, and customers.