Why Choose Us for Your Project?

Choosing the right contractor can be nerve-wracking.

Rest assured, Deitemeyer Brothers employ professional installers and partners with other contractors who share the same level of quality and desire to service customers. As such, we offer a 5 year no leak warranty on our workmanship and provide the industry’s best in manufacturer warranties.

Deitemeyer Brothers carry a high level of liability insurance and provide Workers Compensation for its employees, relieving homeowners of the worry of accidents. Additionally, Deitemeyer Brothers offer low monthly financing for projects. 

Overall, Deitemeyer Brothers are dedicated to providing our customers with a worry-free and enjoyable experience. Ultimately, protecting and adding value to their home or property. We place a high value on professional service, doing things correctly, and serving our community and wonderful customers.

The Catch-All System

We care about you AND your home.

Your satisfaction with our work is of utmost importance. We don’t cut corners, we cover them with our Catch-All system designed to protect your home and yard from roofing renovation materials.
In our experience we find that tarps can cause issues: They blow away, burn grass/shrubs, and tear easily. Deitemeyer solves this issue by using The Catch-All’s Ground and Landscape Nets. The nets are suspended from specially designed poles with padded tops that lean against the building.

More about The Catch-All

While The Catch-All Chute Nets are designed to catch small items like nails and bits of underlayment, the Ground Nets will hold heavy loads of many squares of shingles.
Some contractors don’t always do what they say, but at Deitemeyer we are committed to seeing a project through to completion the RIGHT way.

Ready for a new roof? Let’s go!